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The gift of staying at their favourite hotel.
1 gift card that can be redeemed for a hotel stay with over 270,000 international hotels and in 140+ countries worldwide. They decide to stay wherever, whenever they want.
Our flexible travel gift card gives them the freedom to choose when and where to make memories.

There are just four easy steps that take you from giving the perfect travel gift to them staying at their dream hotel.
Customise and finalise.

Create your travel gift in a matter of minutes. Make it personal with an image. Choose from our large selection of images, from fun to formal, and beautiful to funny. Prefer to add one from your photo library? You can upload your own image. Just bear in mind that there’s a chance your gift will be saved on the fridge for a long time, so choose wisely.

For the finishing touch, you can write a message to your recipient. Select the value of the gift card and you’ve just made the perfect travel gift, guaranteed to give unforgettable memories.

Send via post, email, or print at home.

Start by choosing your delivery method. Want to surprise someone with a physical gift card? Send this personalised travel gift directly to your recipient by post, with free shipping worldwide. You can also send it to yourself to give in person.

In need of an instant gift? You can send an eGift by email for a fun, easy, instant gift.

Seeing the recipient in person? Receive a printable PDF version of the gift card in your inbox for a gift that’s ready to give in minutes.

Select your hotel & redeem your hotel voucher.

Congratulations, you lucky traveller!

Can’t wait to start your journey? Let’s get you prepared for your next destination. It’s easy to redeem your gift card. Go to our booking page, fill in your travel preferences and find your ideal hotel.

Checkout by paying with your voucher code. Do you have credit left on your voucher? Lucky you! You can save this for your next trip. Is there an additional amount to pay? You can pay the remaining amount with the payment method of your choice.

Enjoy checking in to new memories.

Sit back and enjoy your stay at your chosen hotel.

The only thing you need to do is pack your suitcase. Keys? Purse? Sunglasses? Check! Just make sure to leave space in your luggage to bring back some unforgettable memories.


Post, print or email your gift.

Happiness, guaranteed.

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